Saturday, December 15, 2012

Home is Where You Belong not Come from

There’s a difference between house and home.

The first one is where you live; it can be anywhere with your family or without them. There can be other people too. While the other one is where you live with your family and it’s yours. Like no rent or anything cause simply it’s the one place you belong to when there’s no other one to go.

As I have this on mind I always think of KSA as my home, home country that is. Yeah! I know I’m Asian which means I’m not a Middle Eastern but sill I feel like this is my home. All my life, ever since I was born and even when I was in my mother’s body I was here, born here, grew up here, went to school and even finished my education. I know the entire place, the native language, the customs, people, events and festivals, everything a native would know, is me. 

You see when they say home they mean like this, to know everything, to be part of, it doesn’t really matter which language you use to most as long as you can blend with the people around you. When you can go anywhere not having that cold feeling of a stranger in the wild that is your home, just like mine.

Asia is great, I didn’t forget about my origin but it’s a bit hard for me to go there now. In fact, I never was my entire life. It’s hard now to go and stale there just having this thought make me feel like a stranger and have a homesick feeling already though I’m still here.

Home is here, where you can get to know people without fear, home is where you know your school mates are around, where you get interested about knowing what’s going around and have fun with its new events. When here people’s matter concerns you cause you feel you are one of them and most importantly when you can talk in their language and don’t have one single wall to separate you.

Wherever the heart is, that is home. Its how you feel decides where you is home. As long as you’re feeling comfortable and safe it’s your land, despite whatever is written in your papers and passports cause in the end we want our soul’s peace.  


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