Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Today will never come AGAIN!

I used to be one of those people will live in the future, more like hold myself from every thing so I will enjoy them later on. I didn’t give myself the things it longed to and was so unfair with it.

When time came near I realized this and thought of making out with myself. I was hard, I really was! I know now that time is short and that we’ll once live once or no one knows how long so why not give it everything now rather than the future that I don’t know if I’ll ever live till it or not?!

No one grantees anything, not even what will happen today. You have start with wonderful morning but you can’t make sure it’ll last like this till the evening or even noon, can you?! I’m not telling you to take things badly just think positively, something good might happen too, on the opposite, never take any chances for bad stuff or happen or ruin you mood.

Starting from today or better yet from now do all those stuff you hold yourself from, no matter how small or silly you think they are, at least you are doing what you want. Not doing them now will be the biggest regret will wish you never had.

Even if I’m at the end or before it I’ll be doing what I want cause if I finish it’ll be like I came to an end with doing what I like. It’s sad when you know that you kept for the later time and start with it is over already.

So better live today than tomorrow and always think positive.


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