Sunday, December 9, 2012

There are Things we Can't Stop but Deal with

Things that can't be undo, that won't be back, no matter how much tear is wasted and burning wishes are hold, they won't stop.

Losing something, someone or even yourself is like death that means everything is over, and this time for good! A hard time and situation where others will comfort with relaxing and take it easy words while for the one who lost, it's like the end of the world.

Honestly! No one but them will understand it since they are the ones who are going through this. It's like half of the self is here in the present  while the other half is in the afterlife world. It's more than just a sorrow, more ....   

than changing your profile picture to an EMO one.

than that feeling when you miss you favorite show.
than listening a song that has sad lyrics
than turning everything black-ish all of a sudden
than updating Facebook with gloomy updates
than not seeing your lover for one night
than getting yelled at for no reason just because
than being misunderstood by others
than not having anything to eat or even drink for the whole day
than hearing bad things are being said behind your back
than being abounded and down
than being hated by the ones who should love you!
than being misunderstood
than being betrayed after giving your all and being faithful for those who don't deserve it
than not talking the whole day cause someone upset you
It's OVER! Certain and no back up on this one!

Not even a whole bucket of chocolate is enough!

Talking for days not hours with a friend won't remove it!
Going for a walk in the heavens on earth can't take it back!
Bleeding your ears with music won't do any good either!
A hug, a comfort, a nice word, saying it okay when it's not won't get any better! 
Life will be just like those who know only endings are waiting them afterwards.
Whatever is done, is done for the last time and that's it.
Just like those who are sentenced to death are asked for a last wish, that's how life become!
Even though it's like that ....


Yeah! I'm still alive and writing this, it means I can make changes or at least I can try at my last moments. Even if I go away, vanish, disappear I'll be remembered and I can still make a something now, yes!?  
It's true, I think I still can do.

Who knows, the life is so uncertain but I can feel like I can do something.
Big or small, it's something.
You are here reading it and I'm reading it too, so I'm still here and not gone.
I can make it!


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