Saturday, December 1, 2012

Blessings and Gratitude

As going through this life I went through many situations just like any other persons. There are times when I thought I own the world, times when things seemed okay and hard times when I was totally broken. All these taught me different lessons to the time I was living in.

Over all I realized something really important that can’t be taught with money. Even when you don’t get what you’re looking for you should always be grateful to whatever you got cause owning something you can use is better than the thing you’re just longing. I’m not saying you can’t wish for new stuff but if it took a long time or you couldn’t find it at the end you shouldn’t be upset at all.

There was a moment in my life I need a job so badly that I said I would give anything for it and now that it’s been almost a year since I had it I realized that real things I had before it! It’s ironic, no!

True that money helped me a lot and made me do things I wasn’t able to before but compared to achievements I did before having it was less. It’s amazing! REALLY!  While I was expecting the opposite I was totally wrong but I did find that out with my own personal experience.

As by then I realized the precious free time I had but I couldn’t see it cause I already was using it. It should have been taken away to know what I had and the owning a new job did the thing. Sometimes we don’t know what we have until it’s gone. Now I appreciate every Friday even if it’s only a one day weekend.

The time I used to sleep as I want in the morning, the walking and shopping I used to go to with my sister and all the free time I spent on shows and movie are so less now that they almost seem gone but that’s how we realize the beauty and value or things, won’t you agree with me?!

On the other hand, having a new job wasn’t bad at all. I did many things that hold me back in the past cause of money. I felt like I’m a new person, sometimes the salary isn’t enough or not what you had in mind, even if you want more it’s okay and isn’t counted as greedy cause the world is demanding more money nowadays, it still works. You can still do many things with it if not all. That’s how matters went with me.

Having something you didn’t have before and losing something from the past teaches you the real meaning of the blessing you have. I should neither happens to you in the bad way even so if they ever occurred think of this and you’ll value the real moments with it’s beauty and  have terrific wonderful happy life =)


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