Monday, December 3, 2012

Every Ending was a Beginning Once

I’m so in this thought right now. The New Year is still far away yet this line is in my mind since a month or so. I always look forward to the ends but this time I hope the present will last forever though I know it won’t.

So, how was everything lately?!
Well, I know it’s a bit too early for it but it won’t hurt for the things we learnt so far, no!? As for the beginning I was so excited for the new year to come that is 2012 and I have good believes and truly optimistic that everything well go well. In fact they did but not as I thought. Everything was okay I guess. 

I always wonder how every year is new at the start and old at the end, I guess the secret behind it is that there’s another one afterward. Like if there isn’t anything later it won’t be an old one rather the last.

I always like to start my projects with the start of the year or month, it seems more exciting that way and I feel really fresh and once it’s at the middle and I couldn’t keep up my plans I don’t have the mood to carry on as if like the beginnings give me more intentions to do my projects. It’s a bad thing you know, cause you’ll be like delaying you stuff just for the time while you can start from anywhere. This year I learnt to leave this bad habit but didn’t over come it completely still I’m trying. 

Anything you take from the start is really interest, you feel like you can do it, you wake up really early in the morning to get on with, give it extra more times and totally enjoy yourself doing them. Even when time passes by the real thing you’ll need is the desire. Time won’t do you much, okay maybe the one you need to finish your stuff in beside that like the perfect or right time isn’t needed. What you need is the will and thing, not when and where.

Guess this is one of the precious things I learnt this year and wanted to add to my memorable post. Please do write down the most important one you learnt too this year. I’d love you learn from you too ^^


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