Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Once Every 100 Year

Today's date is very special, the kind that happens rarely every time. 
It's .... 12 - 12 -12, unique, huh?!

I got nothing much to say about date itself but rather something really important I learnt this year. Surely I've seen better days but this year was completely different. 

People aren't like before anymore and in the same time I can't just say everybody is a lair cause one of them betrayed us before. They will come and go in our life and if we got hurt by one of them it doesn't mean to lock ourselves in a room and close the door from any other harm. The thing is the learn our to deal with them and not give our trust to whoever. 

I know I've already sided the not forgiving people but know I learnt there's more in life that just being mad at someone. I even realized the power of forgiving. Life is short and if we can't help others live their lives free from guilt then there's no meaning in that. 

This year my heart has grown stronger not from winning a fight or crushing someone but from learning how to forgive. It's a hard thing only the strong ones can do it and I do consider myself one since it was hard on myself once in the past. 

I hope you too learnt something this year that you had a negative thought about before. 


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