Sunday, December 16, 2012

Little Rather None

You know how boring life becomes when there’s nothing to do or the same things keep on repeating themselves over and over again. Sometimes we can’t help it cause they have to be done but to have them everybody creates a really boring routine that you rather not do. 

Or you keep on doing them the same way every time. Same time, same things, same result, same method and all the stuff that makes you yawn from boredom. Not everything you can leave for something new or stop doing them, but there’s always something else to add to make it different and a bit more fun to do.

There are things you can do to have a refreshing life again …

* Change to flavor
I know it might not be much but if you are stuck with only one flavor each time you have a sweet or ice-cream try another one for a change. At least you’ll be trying something new.  

* Take the other road
When coming home from school, collage, or work try different paths everything. Take the long one when you return so you won’t worry if you’re late and enjoy the life on the street. See the people, cars, surroundings and get a fresh air. When going take a long or shortcut road. Try different one every time so you won’t be board.

* Turn off the PC and get out
Seriously! You have to do this! I personally did it and it changed a lot in my life. I realized that I can’t get much done cause it’s taking most of my time. Plus, it’s not very good for my health either. There’s a lot than just what you see behind the screen, go and see for yourself.

* Meet up
Sure social media, chatting programs and cell phones are great but they can’t beat anything like real live meeting. Perhaps now is the time that you show them your real expressions rather than the cute ones you send online.

* Change yourself
I mean it in the looks way. Sometimes adding a little hair gel, lip glows, nail polish, and new body spray can really give you a refreshing scene. I  know it gave me so why not give it a try.

These are just few to tell you that anything you do differently than usual can really break the routine. Now matter how small it is, it’s a change in the end that’ll give you a new refreshing feeling.


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