Saturday, December 29, 2012

Think Before You Speak

Before it used to be a saying I hear from wise people's mouth but when I really went through it I realized what it meant by every seconds passage. 

Honestly! You should think before you say anything, you might end up with an eternity punishment for something you said without really meaning it. The thing is when my boss asked me if it's okay to share his secretary's work with me I didn't think about it for a sec. and gave an answer right away later, just when everything was over already I noticed that it's not fair to go that way but he didn't take it back though it's not right from the first place. 

Now, every time I see her playing cause her work is less thanks to my big mouth and small thinking I know what does this saying mean. Later, when I ever face anything even if it's a no-big-deal seeming thing, I consider before giving an answer. 

Let others experience be a lesson to you too and don't let this happen to you. 


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