Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday Thoughts on Failures in Life

Failing! What an ugly word!

Bet there’s a lot who doesn’t want to have any in their life but whether we want it or not we did fail in some point and would make it up to our purposes.

Still it’s okay, right!?

I mean without them we wouldn’t have learnt precious lessons. Without failing I wouldn’t want to go up again. Sometimes, I went up just because to prove I’m not a failure rather than the goal itself. It also was the greatest push that allowed me to forward more than any other factor.

When failing it’s a hard feeling, as if you are a complete loser can’t do anything at all, like a dead person who can’t make any difference. There’s also that fear that comes afterward that you won’t success or don’t want to try just to not have that feeling again. I know how hard that is cause I went through all of them. 

But you know what the fun part is, is when you fail many times then at the end with determination you make it. It shows how your tries were worth it, the many you get the many you feel proud of. I know without them I wouldn’t have figured things out, many I would have been on the right path all the time but if I faced something new or a problem I know nothing about I won’t be able to fix it.

Failing is not a problem on its own, it hurt but in a useful. Unless you pull yourself out of it, you’ll remain lost. Try seeing why it happened, a wrong turn perhaps, not right time, your mood was down. Whatever is the reason has to be done by you.

If determination, people, dreams and desires are reason to success that failure is the strongest one of them all!


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