Friday, December 21, 2012

Five Minutes Friday: Review

Well, as I mentioned before Lisa-jo won't be posting any new 5 Minutes Friday until the new year so I'd like to take this change and write a little review and opinion about this cool idea. 

When I first saw this I thought it was a difficult thing to do, considering the time I should write in but then I said I'll give it a try. It was really fun, I mean like writing without thinking and just letting your mind say what it has without worrying whether it's right or not. I felt honest with myself and saw the things I have in me. 

By time my typing, reading and even thinking got fast. I got to read what others have to say, the things their mind wonder about for the same word, or topic as in this post's case. It was wonderful. I sometimes wonder where people get such great ideas from?! Guess it's by doing odd and new stuff you get something of your own. 

I hoped that I'll write one today but I remember that she's holding it for a new fresh start. That's my thought about 5 Minutes Friday, what's yours?!


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