Friday, November 30, 2012

Five Minutes Friday: Wonder

It's Friday where we join Lisa-Jo to write for 5 minutes every week.

5 minutes only , you speak your mind about that certain topic. No backing, no over thinking. Just let your heart write whatever it has. It doesn't matter if it's written right or wrong. Express yourself and be free. 

Won't you join me too for today's topic which is about: Wonder

I'll set the timer on 5 minutes, ready?


I wonder how my life has changed so much now!

It's a miracle! Everything is falling into the right places now, even if it totally didn't get perfect I still am enjoying life more than before. All it took me some courage to go outside, face the world, get a job, earn some money and have a very big heart in spending more. Only a year and I feel rejuvenated. It's so awesome. Yeah! It's true that they say life isn't fair but it's still beautiful. 

I wonder what happened if I chickened and stayed home forever for my fear of facing the unknown. What would have happened?! Thank god it's not like than and I have more courage and spirit now to deal with whatever comes in the way. 

It was just about earning but about learning how people live too. I was an isolated person who doesn't like to mix up with people now I'm getting to understand them more. Understand how the world goes. It's all wonders. 

Going from broken to high spirit. I do get those feelings sometimes just like everybody else then again it hits me to stop wasting tears on my fast, leave the future for its time and just live where I am. Who knows if I'll even get to live till tomorrow or even later from today. 

I'm truly grateful to god for making me who I am and letting me be alive healthy till today.


What do you wonder about!?  


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