Tuesday, August 7, 2012

10 Facts About Me ^^

It's like talk and advices all the time, why not change the subject and try something new ;)

Here are 10 RANDOM facts about me just to have fun :)

1. I'm Asian - HUH, isn't that obvious or what :) !?
2. My real name is Asma
3. I'm not smart I just use my brain that's all what there is.
4. Reading and writing are my best two hobbies :).
5. I can speak, write and read Arabic, English and Urdu.

6. I'm studying Japanese right now and my level is intermediate.
7. I'm not special, I'm just limited edition :)
8. I live in KSA (to those who don't know, it's Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)
9. I'm an open mind person.
10. I blog, write journal and twit.

Now if you wish write 10 random facts about yourself commenting here or replay into your blog place, I'd love to hear from you all guys
:) .


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