Sunday, August 5, 2012

Life Goes On

I know lately I've not been talking much about other topic than my personal experiences at work but this is what this blog is about. To write things I learn in life and let other people inspire from my things. 

So, it's been like 7 months already. I remember in the past year how I was dying for a job. I prayed a lot to my god to give me one and my prayers have been answered. It may not hit from the first go but as starters, it's a great beginning. I've been like in 3 jobs until now. Started with a temporary summer club teacher, then secretary and now as an admin assistant. I can say that I did knew a lot by going in these steps and each job has it's own troubles. 

It's a natural thing I guess since work is all about that. I knew how to deal with different people and how to act in different situations. I knew the rights from wrongs, even if I can't tell them all every time but I still can figure things out. Moving from a job to job has more than just earning experience and exploring the world. I sure do want a comfortable position with nice salary. I think money is a way to live life and one of its necessaries, no matter how people say it doesn't bring happiness you just gotta have to continue life. 

I know that I moved from the first job cause it was not interesting, though I'm free at home I decided to leave it cause I can do many things indoors rather than wasting precious time doing nothing at work. But that didn't stop them from doing their stuff. When I moved to my current work things seemed bright at first. It was obvious that I'm so little in experience with people that I didn't know things aren't what they seem. So I found out later that they aren't the kind of people I want to be around. I decided to leave this job again but I thought to myself... finding a new one isn't that easy, plus I'm earning something even though.

Everything in life has its difficulties, and that's how we learn from them by facing them. If I leave this place it's not like going to fall down or something. Everything will go just like it is, time and life stop for no one but I just gotta find my place in this world. Proving myself there and letting everyone hear my voice is the most important thing before stepping out so they will know that someone was here one day who used to do those great stuff.


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