Thursday, August 16, 2012


The more obstacles we get in life the less we think of stuff that are worth to talk about. 

Bad stuff can really let your mood down and you feel like doing nothing for the whole day. It's  natural to do things you like to lighten the mood but talking about them all the time will make things even wetter and grouchy. Even when it's hard try to thinks that made your life beautiful. 

There many things that we ought to be grateful too, hardship shouldn't blind us from them

1. Health 
What more you can ask for?! You can walk, talk, move around and bug others without anyone's help. Aren't you grateful for that?! think of those who can't see, or don't move around without someone's help. It's a blessing you got there. 

2. Job and money
Talking about job isn't as fun as talking about money. We want the last one more than we want the first one but they are related to each other. The first one brings the second one, the more you are there, there more you will get it. At least you are earning something from this whole headache and it's away for your pleasure. 

3. Family 
I guess this is the most thing you should be grateful too. I already wrote about this topic in one of the previous posts and there's nothing in the world that can equal the blessing of family. 

4. Mind
I don't know if everybody are like be but I'm really grateful for my mind. I have my own thoughts that makes me special and unique that way I am. I think everyone should think the same cause it's a blessing we out to be grateful to. 

5. Home
It's not always that house to return to just to sleep, eat and live in. A home is a place where you don't feel like a stranger even if those who are around you aren't blood related to you. As long as you feel comfortable talking them it's your home. 

There are more than just 5 things we should be grateful too but I write these to left up your spirit, tell me ... what are you grateful to at the moment?! 


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