Monday, August 6, 2012

5 Simple Ways for Cheerful Day at Work

Yeah! I know! Your work could be really boring sometimes specially when it's a routinely one like mine. Doing the things all over and over again might drive you nuts. Then you want to move around and play just to break this boring circle. I won't blame you if you get caught by your boss cause they don't understand the stress you are going under. 

At times like this, you need to take things easy and break that boring routine to go freshly to work again. A little fun never hurts anybody specially when it's help the work productivity. 

Here are 5 simple ways for a cheerful day at work: 

1. Ignore your annoying co-works
Might not be the exact thing you were having on mind but they are one of the reasons why the job gets boring. It's really hard to doing a repeating work with annoying people. Don't react with them, just ignore and see the bothering impressions on their face. 

2. Take a walk 
In your lunch break don't just eat and take a nap. Try to walk around here and there, and if you're inside an office take few walks around the office for your co-works. A little walk always helps you awaken. 

3. Play games
Okay! Not like really play games, waste your time and don't do your work. It's more like just when you finish and about to start the new one open up a little game in your cell phone or computer and play. It refreshes you a lot and make you wanna start your work again. 

4. Joke along 
 When you wanna say something, say it in a humor way. Giving orders all the time and geting misunderstood make the atmosphere even more awkward. Just say it in a funny way to lighten the mood. 

5. Read every now and then 
It doesn't hurt. I know I do it and it makes time go faster specially in those days when I don't have anything to do. Try it and you'll enjoy yourself a lot. 


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