Friday, August 24, 2012

Five Minutes Friday: Join

It's Friday where we join Lisa-Jo to write for 5 minutes every week.

5 minutes only , you speak your mind about that certain topic. No backing, no over thinking. Just let your heart write whatever it has. It doesn't matter if it's written right or wrong. Express yourself and be free. 

Won't you join me too for today's topic which is about: Join

I'll set the timer on 5 minutes, ready?


I always used to escape to the internet if I faced any problem, wanted a solutions, seek for suggestions or just for fun. I saw many people who write blogs to help others or discuss topics that matter everyone. I thought to myself how great that is. I mean like being able to help someone over the miles is something really ineradicable. 

But I was weak in myself. I did have the idea of making this blog but then said to myself who am I to do such thing. I was negative somehow but seeing all those bright idea kept on ringing a bell inside me that I want to do it as well. 

When I found myself being helped with others thoughts on the internet I said why not give it a try. It started as the things I learnt in life and ended up as a blog for the world to benefit from. I might be in the beginning and there's not much comments here but if anyone just passes by and gets something out of it that would make up my day. 

I joined this world for like nearly a year now and it's been growing ever since. And on my way I did meet some people and interesting bloggers that I get to learn from them every day. It's fun and interesting. 


Show me what you got =)


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