Sunday, August 26, 2012

Miss Bone Emotions

I'm quite sure that most of you don't know this character but she's a real fun and cute girl. Her emotions really rock and might be even cooler than the onion emotions. 

Today, I'll give some sets of her emotions for download. Be sure to enjoy them & spread the love of miss Bone with your friends in facebook, twitter, google+ and all the other network. 

5 Miss Bone emotion sets

Set 1
Emotions: 36
Size: 743 K.B.

Set 2
Emotions: 8
Size:  171 K.B.

 Set 3
Emotions: 7
Size:  123 K.B.

Set 4
Emotions: 5
Size:  66 K.B.

 Set 5
Emotions: 16
Size:  599 K.B.


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