Thursday, August 2, 2012

How to Make a Blog Fast and Faster

I believe this is one of the things every blogger wants for their blog ...

Make Blog Faster
Who doesn't want their blog become light, surely all of bloggers want it because our visitors can browse our blog easier. Based on my experience, there are some tricks to make blog fast.

Did you know, pictures with large size can make our blog become slower. So, it's better for you to decrease the use large-size picture. Both in template and also posts. You can use Photoshop Save for Web & Device trick.

Over usage widget was one of problems which makes blog become slower. Especially if the widget contains heavy scripts. It's good for you to delete some widgets which unuseful such as clock, music player, pet, games, and so on. Use useful widget such as related posts, most popular articles, or maybe Google Friend Connect.

CSS and Javascript 
As we knew, CSS and javascipt can make our blog become good looking. But the side effect is it can make our blog become slowly. So you should decrease the usage or compress it for your blog. To compress Javascript, you can use Javascript Compressor.

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