Sunday, August 12, 2012


Stop and ask yourself today, "How do I really feel about myself?"  
Before you answer read these ten principles.

Better yet, keep them before you daily.

(1)  Never think or speak negatively about yourself.

(2Meditate on your God-given strengths and learn to encourage yourself, for much of the time nobody else will.

(3)  Don't compare yourself to anybody else.
You're unique, one of a kind, an original.  So don't settle for being a copy.

(4)  Focus on your potential, not your limitations.

(5)  Find what you like to do, do well, and strive to do it with excellence.

(6)  Have the courage to be different. 

(7)  Learn to handle criticism.  Let it develop you instead of discourage you.

(8)  Determine your own worth instead of letting others do it for you.
They'll short-change you!

(9Keep your shortcomings in perspective - you're still a work in progress.

(10)  Focus daily on your greatest source of confidence.


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