Monday, August 27, 2012

Toy Story

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  Today's question: What was your favorite toy as a child? Do you still have it, or did it get lost (or sold/donated) somewhere along the way?

My favorite toy was a mini kitchen set. I used to play with it everyday with my young sister and brother. I still have it until today, it's so dear to me that I just couldn't give up on it <3 

That toy is more than just a play thing to me. It has all my memories in it. I fought a lot with my mother to buy it cause back then she didn't used to get things for us like that since she thought we are kids and will want anything we see. I reminds me of the good ol'days and how things were easy that time. I kept it as a picture and physical thing I can tough from my past childhood that I can never forget.


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