Saturday, August 11, 2012

Words On Family

Probably one of the most powerful words. 

They are like really amazing people. The one thing that make them really special is that they have been in your life ever since you were a baby and the opposite is correct. You know every thing about them and so do they. 

They might be some personal secrets between but in away or another you already know them every well. Family are like the one place you can go back to when the whole world gives you its back. They won't turn you away, even if you don't find that kind of help you need, you'll get a listening ear to your problems with interest and soft heart unlike others who wants to know what's going (down) with you just to have fun out of curiosity or take advantage of you later. 

Best friends are amazing, some of them are almost like siblings but no matter how close they are they will NEVER be like a true one.There are times when you work your ass off for them they you get really mad for what they made you go through, but later in the morning you just forget all about this cause in the end you served your people who brought you up in this world. It's not the same case when it happens with your co-worker at work or a mate at school/collage. 

Misunderstandings can happen any time, and only those who know you very well will excuse you and who else is out there knows everything tiny detail about you from what you like to how to refer to sleep beside you beloved family?! A normal person would just say (It's okay!) , (No problem!) and (Such things happen!) but they will backbit about what you did, while your family will take it as a habit of your and will surely not mind it. 

I know not all of the families out there are one, there are the rude ones, you kinds and caring ones, the meh! ones and the (Just let it go!) ones but whoever and whatever they are, they are the real treasure of your life! 


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