Thursday, August 30, 2012

Things I'm Proud Of

Sometimes when I'm down and feel like the world has let me down I think of stuff that made my life beautiful despite what I'm go through right now. I do remember the things in me that made me who I am today. I know it's not easy to defeated the hard times but we can at least try. 

I'll list the good stuff in me that I feel proud of and thankful to my lord for giving them to me. 

1. First of all I'm proud that I'm a Muslim and know my god.
2. That I'm an educated girl who had the blessing of education. 
3. I can stand for my own self and fight for my rights. 
4. I'm an employe
 ~ just couple of years ago I used to think I'm useless and the job removed that feeling from me.
5. I know like 4 languages and learning 2 more. 

6. Proud that I run this blog, 
it's one of my ways to let the world know who I am. 
7. Proud to have an open mind without losing the touch to my culture.
8. Proud to have such family, 
even if they aren't the kind of family the taught me a lot. 
9. Proud for who I am after these years. 
10. Proud of my strong personality that I have 
- even if I chicken out sometimes!

I'm proud of ... 
11. My will in finding and discovering new things without fear. 
12. In telling the truth and admitting my mistakes. 
13. Having the craziest 2 sisters in the world. 
14. Myself! 
15. My job and anything I produce. 

These are somethings that bright up my mind whenever I think of them and I want to go forward. It might be an simple thing for someone but for your it surely is a big thing. 

So tell me... what are you proud of?! 


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