Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fun on The Go

I like know everyone got their own hobbies and what they like to do in free times but there are some guys who asked me for activities to do when then are free cause they like have no clue what to do. I'll share some of the stuff you might enjoy doing it and if you're a curious person like me who like trying new stuff then you'll fun discovering these things as well. 

Few of what I fill my times with... 

1. Writing
I guess it's obvious since this is what I do in my free time. I also write a journal. You can join forums and open various topics with people around the world. Trying writing some poems is fun too. Writing you personal thoughts in a physical journal is what I was thinking of recently since I can carry them anywhere I want. I know you might thing of the new technology and that you can access the net from anywhere but keeping it classic is something different. 

2. Learning a new language
Well, not exactly learning it all. You can try sites online or buy one of those mini books that teaches you. It's more of new few sentences to talk with native people or understand them, or even read whats written in their movies and stuff. I think it's fun whenever you know one more language. 

3. Bake something
Cooking goodies and turning into a delicious piece of heaven gives a great sense of achievement. You don't have to go big, you can try the simple one I shared in under the label recipes

4. Walk around
Not just it will let you enjoy your time and relax, it's also a healthy way to stay fit. It's one of the easiest sports to do. Walk around in the park or anywhere near with a friend and have a healthy nice talk with them. 

5. Learn something new
It's doesn't have to be in a professional way. You can pick up any book for craft, baking, new program, reading or anything you wish. Learning something a day could be really fun. 

There are more options than these 5 but they are just examples. 
How do you spend your free time with?! And what do you like to fill it up with?!


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