Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Little Talk on Gratitude

It might be small talk in length but valuable in essence it hold. 

I came across this thought lately when I got so bothered from my job. It's a routine one where the same thing keeps on repeating and repeating. I don't such stuff, I know there are some matters in life that take that turn but I do know few tricks to pass it on with fun and with a little bit of change. I was so complaining about it to my sisters and they were like telling me to remember my past. 

It was only one year or less since all these happened. Didn't take much time to change once I earned some money. It's not just about wealth I did have some tough time not seeing anyone at all. Plus, I'm learning more everyday. So this whole thing isn't just about disadvantages and annoying stuff, there are things that benefit me as well. 

When life seems to put all the pressure at a time I just need to gather myself and see at the bright side. Might be easier said than done but it's true. I did imagine myself jobless again and noticed that I can't enjoy life as when I have a job, despite whether or not it's boring and I don't like it. At the end they all give me pleasure and joy. 

This is like something I learnt today, there are blessings behind something might seem boring and disturbing even if we don't like the thing itself there's something at the end of it or the result is pleasing us. So, why feel bad about it?! It's all about gratitude


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