Friday, September 28, 2012

Five Minutes Friday: Grasp

It's Friday where we join Lisa-Jo to write for 5 minutes every week.

5 minutes only , you speak your mind about that certain topic. No backing, no over thinking. Just let your heart write whatever it has. It doesn't matter if it's written right or wrong. Express yourself and be free. 

Won't you join me too for today's topic which is about: Grasp

I'll set the timer on 5 minutes, ready?


I believe in destiny. 

I do believe in it and that everyone's life is written on how it will be. Mine is what not anyone would like to have, I mean sure they all got troubles and problems in their lives and it differs from one to another but I also know that your problem is just yours. 

I see my girls grew up and their life is different now, everything I wanted and worked for they got while they didn't even plan for it. It's my destiny to be like that. I tried my best and I ended up where they should have since they are like taking things on their own way but in their destiny they are meant to live that life. 

It upsets me sometimes but what more can I do, I planned so many things for my future but things took another turn. Having a job would turn my life easier is something I thought wrong when I found it. Life is more than just expectations, you gotta try it to find out yourself. It's not what we think it's what we discover. 

Until today I'm letting go of everything and not grasping a thing cause I know in the end what needs to happen will happen. What's written will become and what there's to be done will be there. All I can do it go and see for myself. 


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