Saturday, September 22, 2012

Letting Go

Sometimes fear holds us back from letting go of things we're afraid that we won't find it again. 

Today, I'm letting go of this fear and decided to resign from my job. 

It wasn't easy to tell you the truth, I like others do think many times of not finding a new job but I shouldn't stop myself from believing in me, plus, I have to adventure in this world to find out most of it and where the goods are. Losing your source of money is a scary thing and I don't recommend to anyone. Just in case you're not feeling like you fit in that place and you really wanna blast off then you might. 

The whole and main point is I want to prove myself and as well know how strong and powerful I am. I know I might not find another job right away but I can still keep on trying also I need to believe that I can do it not to just think without applying anything in the real world. 

My goal is to go to a place for earning money there I'll meet new people, share experience and exchange information. Boss might be as well understanding and a nice environment would be also good. I'm just trying to run away from my home life a little to face whatever is unlike it. If the same - or even worse - happens outside, then why stay there?! 

After reconsidering these points I decided to take another journey. Let me tell you that it wasn't easy, I was planning for this about 2 months ago from now and today I finally had my decision. It takes a lot of courage to state whatever one wants, and facing the fear requires a lot of it and needs you to be brave. 

I'm writing this just to let you know how thing might change and sometimes you need to choose to lesser evil in order to find your comfort. It's a lesson from what I always write here. 


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