Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's Okay, cause We're Humans

It's okay to get hurt cause we're human being with feelings. 

It's okay to be broken cause we're human being with heart. 

It's okay to be sad cause we're human being with feelings. 

It's okay to be tried cause we're human being with weakness. 

It's okay to be beaten and upset cause at the end we are just human beings!

You need to understand that we DO go through these sometimes and it's okay if that day isn't your day, you didn't get everything as you were planning, the wind did come with desired things. It's all okay, after all we are just tend to live through changes and not on only one tone otherwise it would have been a boring life. 

I do believe you already know all that, but what I'm trying to tell here is that it's okay if you feel down sometimes. No matter how strong we pretend we do get upset at some points. It's better if you let that thing out of your chest to lighten up the load. 

 Keeping it inside for a long time and not expressing about it at all - even secretly - cause effect on you many ways, mentally, physically or even spiritually.

Ever now and then try to let go what's inside you from sadness, shade a tear of failure, a sign or heart broken or even a shout of disappointment. We all go through these and reacting with them is the best way to live with what faces us. I'm not like telling you to be an emo or thing, just let it out so you'll feel free.   


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