Thursday, September 27, 2012

Nice People are NICE

You know that feeling when someone loses their tamper after being patient for a long time with any annoying guy?! They keep it boiling inside them until it blasts out!

But in nice people's case, it never blasts in the annoying guys face but rather themselves than the others, or sometimes their close friend who really can understand what they're going through. No matter what happens they will always be nice and never say a word that can hurt anybody even if it is their enemy.

I witnessed this today with my co-workers. There's a girl I know in my place who get injustice-ed most of the time and everything time she's says it's okay and she'll let it go this once but again it happens and she forgives them. Today, one of my co-workers had an operation and her own people didn't pay her any visit from how much they hate her cause she's an annoying and hurtful person. But this girl told us to go and see her, I was like (Are you crazy or something!? You know that we can't stand her!) She replied simply that no matter how bad one treats you, you shouldn't do the same and be the better and bigger person and do what they don't expect from you. She's really nice! Despite all the hurtful stuff that rude co-worker did to her, she's still considering her situation and treating her according to it. 

Her heart is really big and she taught me once again how to be nice with people. It's the thought that counts. Who knows?! Maybe they will change from her simple kindness toward them after all what they did to you. That what she said. 

So, did you give it a thought already?! 


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