Sunday, September 2, 2012

Your True Worth

I know I talked a lot about rude and mean people here in this blog and how to deal with them. Today, I'd like to write just another post about them as a reminder. You know how this world is, one day you are cool the other day you just can't stand it and lose your mind over a silly prank from your co-workers in workplace. 

Rude people are just rude! 

I'm sure you had you chance in meeting them. They can be found anywhere, in the school, collage, street, supermarket and specially at work. Honestly, all I think of jobs as places for annoying, rude, horrible and mean people. Only those who are the worse get the job and the nice ones just get ditched.  

So what am I going talk about them in this post today?!

It's just the way they make us feel. I do believe that everybody agrees that annoy the hell out of us but again they are nothing more than loser people. Once they couldn't get at our stage they will drag us to theirs by being rude to us and when responding and doing what they want, we'll all be just like them cause we lowered ourselves with their acts. 

Truth to be told ... 

We do get annoyed when they bother us, but there's more than just pay attention to their miserable actions. Some thoughts about how to deal with rude people... 

1. Waste of time
Just like I said before, they like to drag people down just because they couldn't make it to our level. For any smart person this would seem like a totally waste of time. Why not do something useful instead and don't end up like them?!

2. Piss them off
The one thing that makes them crazier than anything else is when they put all the effort to buy the hell out of you and it goes into thin air when you don't show any reaction. Surely you won't play with them, just ignore and you'll hit two birds with one stone. You pissed them off and didn't waste your time. 

3. You are higher
As a busy and valuable person you are, you have a lot more important things to do then get yourself busy with such low people. So, won't it be better is you just focus on those things and forget those obstacles for the time?!

4. Your worth 
You know, picking up fights with people isn't of any high acts. You respond to others will show how superior you really are. Only those who have high think will show how to act wisely with such people and that surely involving staying away from them.

5. It goes on
A low person will always be low, in the same way, the high person will always be high that it becasue of their believes, knowledge, manner and what they hold on to. So you are a high persona and you should know this whenever a guy bugs you and you just act as if nothing is happening. 


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