Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Way to Get Started

Whenever you have a plan in mind for any project it's normal that you start the preparations for it, how to make it, the time it will take, the tool and equipments and such stuff. As you go through all this you wait for the best moment to get this started. 

You might not notice in the beginning but it would be a bad idea if you hold you project for that reason. Many people when they want to do something wait for the best time whenever all the things are available even the ones they think they will need it in the future and has no necessary for the mean time which will take forever cause you really don't know what you could face in making that new project of yours nor which you'll actually need and which not. 

Preparing things to start up is okay but wait just the time will be right is a bit waste. It will seem that nothing is good and you want a complete excellent time to begin and that's wrong, you might not start forever is you are looking for that moment. 

I know from my experience that when I had this blog in my mind I was looking for many things, tools and items to make it. Those are okay since the are the materials I'll make the blog with, the one thing that got into my way is that I was looking for the right time to start. Like a quiet time, the air is free, no one is around me, I'm alone, my mood is like writing and such stuff. It dragged me way to far that I had to waste nearly a year to start this blog! Yes, it was that long before this blog got published.

You see, when you have the things you start you stuff. Then by time passage you learn what is needed and what is not. For example, when I started writing I needed more tools to add in my blog to make it look a bit more professional. At first I didn't cause my knowledge was little about such start and I knew it by starting and doing my stuff. As you go by everything else will come naturally cause you are already doing it unlike when you wait to start you're stopped and not going anywhere. 

Keep these simple points in your mind whenever you start a project next: 
1. Gather all the tools and items you need to build you project. 
2. It shouldn't have to be all, just what you can think of will be a good. 
3. Once they are with you and you have the idea for the beginning ... START! 
4. Never wait cause that means you are still and not going anywhere. 
5. Starting with little and learning in the way is better then just thinking of ending the project. 

These are like the whole main ideas you gotta have whenever you start anything. It could be a job, a school project, a personal one, something with your friend or whatever you can think of. Just remember, whenever you have the power and will get on with it


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