Monday, September 3, 2012

Bear with Them

I don't know how many people are out there like me but I'd like to write today's post as an encouragement and not ranting bad things about people. 

It's true that family is probably the most precious thing anyone could have, in the same time not all of them are the same. There are the ones that the whole world wish they had them, and some make them feel like they are the most miserable people on earth. It differs and you know it as I do that having some parents with different thoughts as yours and the time you live in is harder than having siblings with the same matter. 

I won't talk about how it is to have such folks in your life since you who have it already know but I'll just brief this talk into how to into to their bright side when you think you are all lost. 

At first let me tell you why I thought of writing this, the thing is it was late and I went sleep. I'm not sure if I had any fight again with my mother but it was so hot that night. I think I saw a nightmare of something like losing her. I don't know how or where, all I know that I felt terrible about it and realized that in reality I don't really wish her to go away even if I don't like her things sometimes. 

Have you ever thought of it that way?!

It's a hard and sensitive topic to bright up but it is the main reason that made me write this. I'm sure none of you, no matter how your parents are, want this to happen to them. Cause it like snaps us up into reality and we realize who we were with. They do some things that bother us but again if you compare it with orphans we do have someone to talk or fight with. They gave us birth and raised us to who we are know. No in personality but in body and that's something you can appreciate for sure.  

A lot of times I think why I got some folks in my life then say to myself that when I make my family I won't let this happen. It's something bad that leads to something good and it's a perfect point as I can see it. I'm sure you see it that way too. They are hard on us sometimes but we learn from those things. If we get to compare us with other spoil kids we'll tolerate more than them since we saw how a life on the other side could be like and we're like less sensitive and wiser. 

All what I'm trying to say is bear with them. I know it's not fun to have such people in your life but everybody got their positive points. And since they are from you family that gives them extra credit. Learning to live with such people will give you greater lessons that you can get in another other school and will built you're personality to the best. 


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