Saturday, September 15, 2012

Take it Your Way

People know less that's why they always like to try new things. Ever since we were little kids we loved to destroy toys to know how it worked, smashed things to find out what's inside and asked million questions to our parents so we know more and more. 

Yet there are times when it turned out what we thought is the best was wrong. 

Sometimes you spent too much to get it, searched a lot and maybe that was the only thing out there why you're doing it. And you might think that if you leave it you might not find another chance again specially when you really need it. It's the right time to consider everything. 

When time seems tough you should keep on going. What does that mean?! Like you can leave whatever or wherever you're not feeling comfortable. It really doesn't matter anything else cause in the end you are looking for your pleasure and forcing yourself for other reasons isn't your goal. I know you might take some time for finding what you left before but it opens many things in your way. New experience, new world, new people, being brave, having the courage to discover the unknown and many other things. 

It might be easier said than done but if you consider everything you'll realize that you are all the main character that things should go according to. 


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