Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It Takes a Lot of Courage to Change ~

Whether you had the idea of changing today or intending to do it some day, it’ll take a lot from you in order to become the new person you want.

It’s scary for many reasons, human by natural fear anything new when they don’t know what it will come out as. We do it for caution sake and to keep ourselves safe from any harm, yet it is also important to look for what’s best for us. 

Have courage to change
Changing for the better, a new person, leaving old bad habits, going somewhere far, making relation or even the things that might think they aren’t that much of a big deal needs a lot of courage from you.

You have to be strange and face the difficult with a thinking mind, learn from the mistakes and take them as advantages for you. Remember, there will be times when you have crazy thoughts but you have to be brave cause that’s what it’ll cast you to get to your dreams.

Have faith in yourself, you really can do more than what do you think and the only way to find out is let yourself out in the world and see for yourself the things you can get accomplished. Believe me, you can do it, you have the power in you =) 


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