Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Push to Begin

When I fail as doing something I aimed to I get really frustrated and upset. 

I think it's a normal thing since we have expectation for things we do. But it's not what we feel, it's how we remain afterwards. Feeling sad when failing is okay since you're just expressing your thoughts but staying there forever will deferentially kill you. 

Cry for sometime and write if you wish like I do then think, do you really want to stay like this forever!? without doing any progress?! You may have failed at first but how did you know you won't success if you try again?! I know you'll already hurt but giving it another shot won't be as painful as the first one, no!? 

 There was a time when I failed big time and stopped doing anything else just cause the first shot was so painful. I stayed in the lost for a long time, I did it over and over again thinking that it'll make me better and I was completely wrong since it either didn't effect much or made it worth. I thought it has to do with the stuff I'm following that I realized it was just me. 

If I'm hurting myself already why not try again?! I mean like if I did I'll gain something at the end while if I kept doing what I'm doing I'll only kill myself with no possibilities at the end. While if I keep on going I'll meet new chances I didn't expect before. 

It might be hard but it's worth the try, have you ever been in such situations before?!
Please write about it, I love to learn from everybody. 


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