Thursday, November 1, 2012

Standing Back Up Again isn't That Easy!

We face troubles in our way for reaching a dream, there are many things that come in the way when getting what you want, you fail, go backwards, stop, feel frustrated, have negative thoughts and stuff from that line. Yet you still want to make those dreams come true so you go back up again. But let me tell you a fact…


And I’m writing and saying it out of my own personal experience.

It all starts with a desire you think will bring you happiness, bright your life and can live forever for it. Then the idea sparkles into you brilliant head, as you try to make it come true you notice many things are missing so you got for a hunt to gather them and start with your project.

At first, as you had in your mind, things seem easy just by thinking of them which shows how wide one’s imagination can be then by time passage you realize they are not what they seemed or you thought but you determination is stronger than anything else so you go on. Every time when something doesn’t work and gives an unexpected result from you, you take the other path and try something new.

All of these are okay and you’re actually in the stage of learning cause every step is like telling you what works, what doesn’t, what comes out of these tests and of course there’s the thing I always say …

Life doesn’t go on one tone ~

Like you already know that you can’t keep up like this forever, not in a negative way but more like things will change around you. You might have a bad day, it will take longer time from you, and someone might get you down, anything that will break your heart and you’ll get this-was-a-bad-idea feeling. It will, it happens, it will come and you will get down eventually (because I know I did!) and since you won’t let anything get between you and your dreams you go and stand back up again and this is the hard part!

We all know that this is the right thing to do; we hear it everywhere from everyone. They are staying it’s the thing, everything will be okay, don’t just give up easily. Boy! Whatever they got in mind, saying these words means you’ll have to take a lot. Physically or more importantly mentally. It’s all about the will power that you gotta have in your soul.

Thoughts Fight and Soul’s Power

The whole idea from this post isn’t to break you down, scare you or even tell you it’s not a right thing to go back, all I’m telling is that once you fall and want stand up again don’t take that as an easy thing to do even if it’s the right decision.

The process starts from your mind, just like the idea of achieving something got there, you’ll think seriously of the situation, why you wanted it, how you got it, the things that got in your way, the way you felt about them, whether or not you’re gonna complete and the most important thing is … WHY. It’s more like the key for everything since they all happen for a reason.

This is the point where you’ll have a fight with the thoughts, between things you want, the reality, your believes and the ones that are happening. You might think of your desire then the way to do it with your believe, again the reality will change that and tell you that it’s impossible, silly or you wont’ make it, prove is the hardship you are facing. Than again with your believe you’ll take them as lessons to learn from but negative will come through your mind again and so the fight goes on. This is where you have to keep positive and strong and that’s the power of soul.

Where the physical power is is counted as strong thing you can’t ignore the mind and being smart. What’s the use of muscles when it can’t be put on a useful use? Many people have everything yet they don’t succeed, why that is!? Because they have weak minds, they don’t believe, even when they try the negativity beats them and they let it to get the chance and get them. Having a strong mind makes your soul so powerful that you can beat anything getting in your way.

The thing is, it’ll get you into a lot of troubles even though in the end it gets you where you want. In a nutshell the moral is, standing up again isn’t easy but it worth everything. REALLY! To have your dream come true and go back up for it is something worth the try but don’t forget to keep this in mind.



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