Sunday, November 25, 2012

Live Today not Tomorrow

I was just in this thing late and thought I'll share my point of view about it. 

Like everybody else I was so depressed for a job in a while, around a year ago. I'll gave it everything to find one and I did find two at first. I didn't like them much so I left for another one. Currently I'm nearly to finish one year in this job I'm recently in. So needed by it I spent the whole time for it that I forgot myself and didn't enjoy life much. 

Some things happened and I knew that my days are few to see the beautiful things in life and oh! How much I regret this! It happens a lot right!? When we so go by ourselves and becomes salves without meaning it, forgetting about the ones who should give time to, the things who should do to out bodies and health and most importantly the time to spend for ourselves!? 

You know what's the saddest part?! 

That you know you're at the end and can't do anything but regrets cause time has gone already and you can't get that one back. It's so frustrating. 

This is an inspiring blog and I don't like wring such gloomy posts but in the same time I want you to open your eyes if you are working like a machine just like I used to do. I opened my eyes and even if it's late I want to enjoy life and whatever it left however I can. 

Starting this month I'll do all the things I kept myself away from it, I'll go with the gals, talk with my family more and go exploring the places I was having in store for free times. The right time is just now, it's can't get any better so go for it. 

I'll go in this journey to the very end and until I get 23
You should do too, just open your eyes and enjoy life before having nothing but regrets.


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