Monday, November 5, 2012

Peacefully Life in the Hurtful World

Not trying to be negative or anything here but ...
we all agree on the world really sometimes seems like that, no?!

You just don't get what you're being insulted by the strange passing by guy, or why your class maters keeps on bullying you, then there's that annoying co-worker who won't shut their mouth. We all have our shares in these moments in life, but we gotta learn how to live with them to get the peaceful life everybody wants.

I know I get annoyed whenever these happens, that's why I do certain things that's make me comfortable, in the same time their silly dos won't effect me much.

5 simple things to live peaceful here ^^

1. Just listen
Oh! You know they are going to talk and there's nothing to do about it, so! Let them do it! You don't have to do much more than that, just let them mouth work as long as they can and you keep your own energy for yourself. Don't talk bad, it's just waste of time

2. Stay still
I have a hateful co-worker next to me who always have a fight and troubles with others, I alone with another girl can do perfectly with her. Do you know why?! Cause we never get involve with her, neither in talk or anything else. She even showed me her kind side few times which means everything is okay with us and it only took us (nothing!) to get there ;)

3. Get busy with yourself
Even when someone intends to ruin your day, they can't cause you're not giving them anything from it since you're so busy with yourself.

4. Let the dogs bark and the caravan carry on
That a bit big talk, you'd say but I think it's all clear, no?! ;)

5. People won't get in unless you open the door for them
If not they'll stay outside all the time since you are the owner for your place, isn't that right?! The same goes with yourself, if you, and you alone, allow people hurt you and take their words seriously then it's you and not them who destroyed yourself. Remember, people only do it randomly and for pass of time, once they had enough from you they'll get the new one to play when and you'll be left alone. So don't let it get you.

What do you do go make this world a better place to live in?! ;]


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