Saturday, November 3, 2012

Freedom of Soul

Human beings tend to grow up in a society, ever since they are kids they belong somewhere. Their family, then their school and work place, when they make their own family and so on.

People on different ages and whatever mind they have they always liked being individual. Free in others means. They like doing what they want, when then want it the way they want it. I believe having your own voice followed in something is every single person's like.

There are times when things come in the way of doing so. Sometimes – mostly in the beginning of your life – you stay under your parents who don’t allow you to do whatever you wish for learning and raising sake. Then there's the school environment where you have to do as they ask you do understand how to follow rules and apply them in your life. You work doesn't need to explain on how much following-to-the-rules you should be. So goes the rest of the places. 

Either way, everybody wants freedom. 
But if we want to know the real meaning behind this word, how would you define it?!

Freedom isn't just about breaking the rules and being free from them. It's more like when you feel you totally own the world by the things you do even though others can't do it for any reasons they got.

Sometimes you do as you are asked and supposed while others just oppose so they can be different then they ask you why can't you just follow your own way. The thing is you are the free not them because you chose what you want to do while they are forced unconsciously to follow others desires and not their own.
Who do you think the real free one is now?! You or them?!

The truly free guy is the one who doesn't own everything just because others do; it's up to his will and need. The truly free person wears whatever likes because he doesn't care much for what people say when he's doing it properly.

That's the real freedom of soul. It not how much you match the world around you rather than match your thoughts and ideas.


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