Saturday, November 24, 2012

And it's OVER!

Speak Your Mind! 

Write your honest thought about this question, they are on no certain basis. Just some wondering things to express yourself and state your opinion about it. 

    Today's question: If you knew somehow that today is your last day or that you'll be gone soon at a certain time for some meaningful reason, 
What will you do!? 

Well, as you can tell the reason behind why I'm writing this is that I'm going through some situation that shows clearly my last days I'll have in life. All I can think of is how to enjoy myself. Well! It's true and that's what I'm doing now. 

It may sound a bit odd and that's why I'd like to know what others will do in such situations. All my life I was a hard working girl, doing my best by keeping it away from all the fun which I believed are the reason for staying behind. I was so unfair with myself that I didn't even give it a bit of break from time to time just to recharge and thought of going with full speed and energy just to finish what I started. 

Now that I knew all of these will end my pure and broken self remind with me. I feel so sorry and want to give it a last chance to live in this life and enjoy it till the end - literally.  


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