Sunday, November 4, 2012

Revive an Act of Kindness

This happened to me one night that made me believe in people's goodness again. Sometimes when you are totally down and so like feel you had enough from people, life shows you again that there are more than what you are going through and most importantly, you're not alone.

I was going to run an errand with my sister, my mother came along with us. That place was kinda creepy for us since only men where there. Anyhow, we finished our stuff already then wanted to go to our last stop. The thing was we didn't know how to get there so we asked one of the securities there; he was kind and polite with his reply. When we knew how far was the place we were ready to go home.

After a while that gentle guy approached us and offered us a ride there. At first we were confused since it's like rare to happen these days as we believe plus he was a high rank position to do such thing, I believe it was an act of humbleness.

We agreed and I was like thoughtless and so. As we got there he said that he would take the trouble to do the thing himself but my mother was so shy for causing him more, even though she let him do it since he insisted. After some time he got back finishing what we asked him to.

Later we said that we'll just catch a taxi then go home, just then he said he'll give us another ride. Before going home he took us to the same place and gave us some goodies to get out stuff. It was so gentle of him but we already got our stuff.

As we were going home he was polite and never caused any trouble in the way, when we got home he said that we can ask him anything and he considers himself as a son for us. We thanked and prayed for him then got home safely.

The thing is, this incident revived many things in me…

  • There are still goodness in human being
  • Receiving something as this kind can warm someone's day, they need it from time to time.
  • When you are do similar thing, you don't know whose heart you revive just like this guy revived mine.
  • Sometimes an act of kindness from strangers is much more effect than from the ones you know.
  • Life shows us how when things show the end of the world miracles still happen, it might be unfair but it's still good.

So, what do you think?! What would you do today and what is your thought toward this young man's act of kindness?!


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