Sunday, November 11, 2012

Battle of Good and Bad

The life in this world has a lot to say about. 

Everybody got their own thoughts about it, this blog is full of thoughts of my own. Go on to the Personal Talk label if you wanna check some of them. You'll face many things, one of the life things that you'll deal with is people. 

And when I say people and mean like a very wide possibility and chances of everything. Their personality, color, life, way of living, effect, sound and everything else that makes a different in your life. 
A piece of coin has it's own faces, as well as all the things we see in life. 
There's is good and there is bad. 

In people's case we see many kinds of them. You already met a big number of them. Even though not everybody is the same, sadly we can notice that the unwanted kind is more to be found than the kind and gentle one. It's a bit upsetting but it's dead truth. 

When it comes to living in this world we'll find how difficult it is, next to the number of reasons deal with such kind of people will be hard. If you be Mr. Nice guy all the time you'll be doomed for sure. So that means it's required to be mean, rude and so cruel here to live on. Then again it's not like you. 

I mean yeah! You do get hurt when others treat you badly, but what about you?! Will you bear it when you break someone's heart with you cold acting with them?! I myself would rather take the pain than give it to someone. Really! I feel so low just by thinking of it. But still that doesn't mean we'll let it go easily. 
 The whole point I'm trying to get is that you have to keep a balance. 

People will treat you badly and you'll want to keep your attitude according to what you believe. Don't go down just if you got a treatment like a trash, the ones you'll give the same treatment will be hurt too, if you don't like it then don't give others that. 

It's might be hard but you have to give when you can and learn to say "NO!" when you don't feel like it. It's for your own good, cause when time passes by regretting won't do you any good.  


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